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Blower Products

Side Channel Blower

These machines boast direct-coupled engines and remarkable capacity. Plus, they are available in single-stage and double-stage models, depending on what type of compression you need.

Lobe Blower

Back in 2008, TMM was one of the pioneering helical lobe vacuum blower manufacturers. Our machines have deservedly become the low-noise equipment of choice since then.

Vacuum Booster

These are innovative industrial vacuum systems designed to bring impressive performance and maximum transfer velocity to any operating area.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

They are perfectly suitable for confined spaces and cleanroom facilities when there’s a need to remove toxic fumes, hazardous dust, etc.

Pneumatic Transfer Equipment

When it comes to transferring bulk items from one processing zone to another, this is what will help you best. Our pneumatic conveying systems can be used for powders, flour, coal fines, granules, and much more


Find a range of high-quality industrial blower spare parts at reasonable prices. What’s more, you can rely on our team of technicians for repairs and maintenance

Blower Products

Single Stage Blower models also known as low pressure blowers that are ranged between 0,25 kW - 15 kW serve in many different fields of industry for vacuum and compressed air applications. They generate higher values of air flow compared to equally powered Double Stage Blowers.

Double Stage Blower models that are ranged between 0,25 kW - 22 kW. In comparison to equally powered Single Stage Blowers, they generate higher values of positive and negative pressure.

Single and double stage blower can also be produced as Atex Blowers. They are specifically designed for working in atmospheres containing explosive gasses and they are also qualified to transfer explosive gasses.

As a leading expert among high pressure blower manufacturers TMM Blower offers a wide range of lobe blowers. Helical Lobe Blowers are the most advanced models within the domain of positive displacement blowers. Helical Lobe Blowers offer a variety of pressure and vacuum values in accordance with its adjustable revolution through its belt and pulley. TMM Blower is open to varieties of demands from industry, with its wide range of models.

TMM Blower has proven itself over the years as the best and the only Vacuum Booster manufacturer of Turkey. All models of high vacuum blowers (vacuum boosters) can be built with direct coupling and water cooling, also with belt and pulley drive, with inverter and thermostatic protection.

Albatros Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is a TMM brand. These industrial vacuum cleaning systems are 100% local productions and they differ from standard vacuum cleaners with its high vacuum capacity and with its design for industrial use. They are used to easily vacuum the dust and dirt on marble, marley, concrete, carpet and plastic floors in industrial areas, as well as production wastes like metal turnings, cardboard, fabric, yarn, cloth, small stone, sand and leaf pieces.

Pneumatic transfer systems are used to carry powder like or granular materials from one place to another through a transmission line. Pneumatic transfer systems are based on the principle of delivery of kinetic energy of air flow to the load itself. As a result of this closed system and air as clean energy source, pneumatic transfer systems minimize the material loss and environmental pollution. Our systems and equipments are designed according to the needs of the project, capacity and transfer distance.